Readers Poems


Things that bring joy to life

Mothers kiss’
Butterfly wings
Puppy dog tails
Kittens soft
Surgery sweet
Rainbows after the rains fall
Pool with the summer heat
Children you hear the patter of their feet
Laughter that breaks the silence
Bread cooking in the oven
Clouds parting with sunlight beaming
Christmas with all color of lights streaming
Someone smileys
The ocean with the sun melting into its horizon
Caramel on ice cream with a cherry on top
A gift from a friend
Favorite TV Shows
Movies that make us laugh
Books we love to read
A sunrise
Joy doesn’t have to last just one moment
it can last for as long as you want it to.
Joy comes when you are okay with the world even when it tries to pull you down.
You can feel a feeling of the wave after the storm
a tingle after the burn
a laugh after a joke
a yum after you eat
a jump after you succeed and you win
a WOW after something amazing pass you by
These are the things the bring joy to life
it is your choice if you embrace it with all of your might

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