A poem – Undying Love By Amanda Shelton

One of my many poems I wrote.

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A static lullaby

Cross-fade and a life not lived;
31 and your steal living in a memory of past lovers and past getaways.
Leaving on a fast train with wheels on a track leading nowhere fast.
Leave no past regrets but many hearts broken.

Cross-fade and a life not taken,
static on a radio and the wave got broken.
Voices calling on a radio what happened to using a telephone.
Even spirits are prone to forget the living aren’t dead.

Cross-fade and this life is broken.
The static is leaving a ring-tone in your head;
don’t forget to answer!

A static lullaby

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Kiss me now

Tickle me pink
kiss me sweet
make me blush
like the sun at dawn

Don’t let my sun go down on me
make it blush like the roses pedal

Rosy cheeks and blooming sun’s
kiss me today
Kiss me now
Kiss me where I loss all my sorrow
Kiss me like there’s no more tomorrow

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Love is dead

A grave for two
No Sr. none for you
roses dead just for you
drink my tears I swear it wasn’t for you
Ravens cry on grave stone high
Oh how these lovers cry
No more I love you s
No more IOU’s
Love letters left for no eyes to boohoo..I cry for you

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“The Darkness devours only what it can and only we can decide what is to be devour…”

“I am a free spirit a wild child”

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solid ground

Look at us now our hearts grew.
like a rose from a seed;
pedals had to fall,
for a rose grows from a bud,
winds blow, rains fall.
What whether we saw,
but yet we still stand tall;
with a stem so strong nothing can tear it down.
Our love grew from solid ground.

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Imagine Dragons

A castle rises above the plain,
A cloudy bank,
a misty lane.

Imagine a Dragon in a cave,
flying above,
fire spits out its mouth;
leaving dust and ash in its quake.

These are times of mysteries,
and of heroes who ride horses and wear armor around their hearts.
War runs through their veins.
A sword and shield in hand,
stands tall to fight for their land;
and a beast of fiery breath,
the beasts veins run with gold
and with ash on their minds.
Plunder mans every sin
leaving nothing for them to win.
Greed, and sin,
lives within every mans heart and desire;
they fight for this,
for a king’s ransom,
a crown for their heads.
Such richness they fight for and a booty to die for.

Imagine Dragons

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Love bites

My heart beats for you,
in my chest and out my veins;
love flows so easily.

like a thorn it scratches,
like a needle that pricks;
my love is sharp and to a point.

I bleed for you,
I live for you,
I die just for you;
my love is on the rise.

My beating heart loves,
with every breath I take,
and with every passing moment I lived,
because I live to love you.

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Universal Laws [dhammaniyaama]

1. Physical Laws [utuniyaama] are natural laws which cover the manifestation of all non-living things, such as, the occurrence of thunder and lightning. The arising and falling away of this world even follow these natural laws. Western Buddhist textbooks tend to say that the Ancient Indians had no idea what caused the patterns in Nature but Buddhism attributed these patterns to physical laws.

2. Biological Laws [biijaniyaama] are natural laws which are particular to animate objects like plants or animals. These natural laws dictate that when we plant a rice seed it grows into a rice plant. The offspring an elephant gives birth to must be a baby elephant. Buddhism attributes this predictability to biological laws.

3. Psychological Laws [cittaniyaama] are natural laws which deal with the mechanisms of how the mind works. Buddhism believes that people are made up of two main parts: namely body and mind. The mind is composed of the system which allows us to work, change and act in a way which is individual to each person. Buddhism attributes such dynamics to psychological laws.

4. Karmic Laws [kammaniyaama]: are laws concerning how karma gives its effects. Karma refers to intentional actions. The virtue of the intention behind the act divides karma into two types: good karma and bad karma. Good karma is reciprocated with positive fruits. Bad karma is reciprocated with negative retribution. This type of law is also referred to as the Law of Karma.

5. Universal Laws [dhammaniyaama]: are natural laws that deal with cause and effect where they concern the mental and physical phenomena. This law has the broadest definition and is an umbrella for all the four types of laws already mentioned.

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Life in plastic

Lets all live in a Barbie world
Life in plastic
where hearts are left dark and hollow
leaving woman to think shallow

Fire burns and melts the sorrow
life in plastic how can that be so fantastic
She is nothing but a toy made of plastic
hollow and stiff but spendable like a gift
wrap her up
in a box she goes
out to millions who will buy her clothes, cars, and Barbie things
Lets all live in a Barbie world
life in plastic
can’t be too fantastic

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I am the innovator of my own views.
– Amanda Shelton

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My road to enlightenment

I wanted to share with you my roads to enlightenment.

I have opened my mind to the possibility that to find enlightenment I need think as if everything is possible. I need to think like a lightning bolt and feel my static and feel it vibrate through all the malicious of my body. Let my bobble pop and my reality spew out for everyone to see and the light bulb want off. Yuri ka! I shouted I hit the epiphany button.

While meditating at 12:00 am I came to a cross-road in my journey I had a choice what road I could take, I was given a chance to see what road leads where and my reactions to them.  I saw myself standing on a mountain above the crossing and I could see where the roads lead me and what my journey would be like.

Road 1

Was full of winding paths and thorny bushes my journey would be horrible and I had no joy in it.

Road 2

It is smooth and shiny, I will be blinded by the light, I feel joy but no contentment in it.

Road 3

I see everything for what it is, everything relieved it’s self to me as if I always saw it that way. My every question will be answered and every dream I have for my future will be mine. I will feel joy, love, contentment, and fulfillment in every way possible.

My thoughts

I meditate a lot I started at a young age my views on the world have been to question everything and don’t give up. I was thinking like a boat out at sea bobbing on the waves never catching my breath. But now I am a butterfly I flutter above it going where my wings take me. I’M FREE! The light hit me and it shines just right like a beckon on the shores of my reality showing me the way.

I have found enlightenment! No more will I ask myself or question my views and the way I see it. I feel and see what it is for what it is. Everything is one and it has a space of its own moving along with everything ales changing, growing, birthing, dying, vibrating. Leaving a trial its residue along its journey. I can see its finger prints the left over stuff and it’s change it is all around us. This was my big bang moment. My joy is a beautiful thing it makes everything shine bright and feel like it has been renewed.

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What is beauty?

What is beauty?

A twinkle in a child’s eye ?
A rose blooming from its bud?
A tree losing it’s leaves so the cold wind won’t take it down?
A kitten nursing as the mother cleans?
A blushing bride?
A poem that takes your breath away one word at a time?
A leave turning brown after a season of green?
Or all the above?
Where all beauty is found there is life in words unspoken.

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I responded to a blog post

I commented on a post on this blog http://charliezero1.wordpress.com/

Part of my response
I revised it!

We all have a choice in our journeys and what roads to take also what roads we should avoid. Sometimes people make wrong choices a long the way but we should all remember they are people just like us and we too have made the wrong choices but found our way through others like ourselves. If only the load was less heavy and lighter to carry I guess it makes us stronger in the end to handle another load. So bring it on the heavier the better in my book. I will think as if it was a peaceful journey building on strength in one’s self not a downward fall.

Peace and light to all who walk the same road as I.

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Bulling Why!

Who can say they have met a bully in their life time?

I know for share no one but the bullies themselves can say they haven’t met one, or they meet one and followed them. If only they looked in the mirror.

P.S These are just my opinions you don’t have to take it in as your own.

Why do bullies bully?

Well more likely the reason is they have a need to hurt others to feel good about themselves, or they grew up with parents who never asked what they did at school today.

In my opinion,

Bullies learn such by example. Most parents don’t relies just asking how their kid is doing would be a big deal for the kid. Or getting to gather as a family and talking about what they all did or plan to do with friends and such. More like make time to check in on each other as a family should.


Also kids breaking the rules, parents make rules for a reason they need to teach their children this. Set an example by showing them you care by not letting them get away with breaking the rules. In my book spanking is okay but only if it’s done the proper way. A belt is not a spanking tool, a hand yes but don’t leave a mark its to warn the kid not scar hem or her. My mom use to make a loud noise with her hand to make me think it hurt, but it didn’t. Some kids don’t learn anything unless spanking comes in. But before you try spanking, try grounding them first it might work better.

Remember you were a kid once too how did you feel when someone came up to you and said you were ugly or stupid?

I think we need to teach our children how loving and caring towards each other is the away the to go. We make more friends that way and fewer enemies. Plus do you want others to remember you as a beautiful and caring person and someone welling to help in the future, or a toad of a person so ugly they want to run away and not help in the future. O-o*

What if you get in trouble and need help later in life? I’d rather be loving and caring now and have friends to help me later.

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How much are you worth?

I’m worth more than you can ever imagine.
A dollar? won’t do
A million? No way!
A billion? Go away!
Didn’t you hear me I worth more than you can imagine.
Meaning you can’t put a price on it.

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Keep an open mind

Do you see the world right side up or setting on its axis?

Think with an open mind, because if it’s too closed you wouldn’t even know that the world sets at an angle not straight up and down.

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A Quote

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the stars don’t stop shining in the day, the moon never sets and the sun is only a horizon away as the world turns.  

– Amanda Shelton

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My experience

Today is the day the sun came up and no clouds move in to spoil its lime light.

Update about yesterday…

I am feeling a lot better after a day full of migraine pain. I feel awesome in my opinion compared to yesterday.

I’m Just blogging…

You know what I like about my brain?
I of positive thoughts even when things are negative. It’s like my brain was born to fight to survive in a negative word. I know I don’t feel good, if I’m overly positive. Most of the time I have a six sense about things so I almost know what’s going to hit me before it reaches my atmosphere, because my body shows signs ahead of time.

A few weeks ago I dreamed about the future

I had a dream my Step Dad got sick and my mom called me. It ended up played out exactly like it did in my dream. Anyway I rarely dream and every time I do it comes true or it starts to come true and I do something different then what I did in my dream, and so things change from what I dreamed. I’m not sure why I do this or how but I do. I sometimes call my mom to tell her what I see and we wait for it to happen. We always freak when things start to get weirder, because a lot of the time I see it in detail so I’m able see the event play out before it happens. I use to think I was nuts or delusional, but if I am nuts or delusional how is it that when I talk to my mom or friends about it they experience the same thing as myself. I try to think logically about this.  Also did you know there’s no such thing as a mass delusion because we all experience reality in our own unique ways, with in our own brains. You can’t see or think like me because you don’t have my brain and I don’t have yours. We can share with each other what we think and experience but that’s the closeted we get. But I do think that some people like myself can pick up from others their thoughts even memories as if they were images. I have talked to a lot of people about what I sense or see with them, and I always blow them away with what I tell them. I don’t know if I believe in ESP but what ales can it be? I normally don’t go there I mostly look for a logical explanation before going into an unknown one. Though I’m alright asking myself questions till I find the answer.  Hay you never know I might someday find what I’m searching for.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
– Albert Einstein

Having a big imagination is to think like a genius.
– Amanda Shelton

Read more  about my experiences at my other blog Through The Looking Glass With Amanda.

My thoughts for today

My minds set on reading poetry not posting it so sorry if at this moment you’re not reading a poem. I think sometimes a break in between writing gives myself time to think and come up with better poems. Plus to write you need to read as much as you can and write just as much, and I have read over 500 books and remember 99% of what I’ve read more likely more because I have a photographic memory. My brain has issues forgetting everything what it has learned or see’s. I compute and learn at a high-speed, my brains wired too.  I also wish I could type as fast as I think because this post would end up pages long not a post long LOL if you get my drift.  What’s funny about it ? When I’m tired is when I get great strife’s  and ideas with my writing.

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I woke with a migraine headache today

I woke with a migraine headache today, my ex boyfriend also my best friend came over to make me coffee. Later when I felt better his mom came and they both took me out to eat and we then went to the store to get  groceries so he can have food. I felt a lot better after my coffee and hot bath. I don’t get it why coffee helps and why does coffee make me tired not hyper, sometimes it makes me snooze for two hours straight. Hmmm? I love coffee when I need it other wise I don’t like it much.

A cup of java will do me well mostly when I don’t feel well.

Lets all wake up with personality 101 in our cup. I’ll sip to that!

Welcome to my java shop you have a choice

  1. Decaf Personality *That’s Boring Man!
  2. Or Personality 101 *With Sugar on top now that’s the stuff!


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I am a star

Caution to the wind.
My boat is coming in,
bobbing on the waves
rocking to and fro
looking for solid ground
a firm footing.

No ups and downs
to pull me around
I stand long and tall
above the cause.

I know I can do this
I fight to live through this
My head will come up
I will take a fresh breath
come through in the end
I am above the cause
fighting to the limit
beyond the unknown
and out till the end
where light shines like no other has.

I am a star!

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The boy who cried wolf

You say nothing that is true

Cry wolf is all you do

a boy who knows nothing of truth

you lie to me instead of telling the truth

why cry wolf when no one cares to believe you?

I ask the boy who cried wolf.


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My heart

My heart knows ache

My heart knows how to break

My heart knows how to bleed

My heart knows how to love

My heart knows how to dwell


My heart knows very well

Will you love me still even after my heart ache and I’m left bleeding on the floor?

I know I can love you even if you leave me on the floor.

My heart loves you after all! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Pretty is as pretty does?

Yeah Right I’m a Goth at heart I think black is beautiful.

Who say’s I’m not as pretty as you?

blink blink *><

Oh yeah and I would wear black laced gloves with two big black bows in my pick tails. Now that’s pretty!

Who’s heard of Black beauty? duh!


I had to post this because pretty is as pretty does is not true. We are all pretty being who we are and not trying to be anything ales.

So be true to you and beauty will shine like light from the stars.

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I’m Bored

I'm Bored

Can We Be Friends?

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Through The Looking Glass With Amanda

Step through my looking-glass Alice, the rabbit beckoned…
She stood on the mirror trying to see who it was, but all she can see are two rabbit ears.

Tick talk goes the clock and Alice tumble’s through the mirror…

“Hay what’s going on here where am I?”

"Well Alice you just went through the looking-glass.
           Where nothing is ever what it seems.... Or is it?"



Welcome to my blog

Through The Looking Glass With Amanda

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Today is the da…

Today is the day when the wind said hello to the cloud, the cloud just floated on by and started to rain…

Don’t rain on my parade I did say hello! 

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Ask the looking glass

Ask the looking glass

A picture I made for my blog Through The Looking Glass With Amanda.

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A writers goal

Can you make people feel what you feel?
Can you make people see what you see?
Think like you think?

I’m a poet and I can make you do anything I choose
through my words I write and the way I give you my view as a poet.

I can make you cry, make you sign on high,
I can make you want something like nothing ales you ever wanted before.

I can make your ears burn and your heart beat faster
take you to the moon,
and make you think you can run faster.

From the ink in my pen to the words I write on the paper
I give you my view as a poet and a writer.

That’s my goal.

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A lovers view

Love me please
But keep the passions still
I know my heart beats for you
shines for a lovers view
a window into a lover’s heart
feeling passion as none is given
so sweetly as you did for me

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A lovers silence

It rises and falls
drips and oozes
on the floor
as feet shuffle on the dance floor.

Hearts linger once more
as a kiss is given at the strike of 4
and hearts drop to the floor.

With dripping passion
and a sweet surrender
our arms open to a moment of a lovers embrace.

As our hearts become one
a silence is heard and nothing more…

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Your heart beats to a faster pass
eyes dilate as your blood pressure rises,
breathing becomes heavy and labored;
your senses tingle, hairs stand on end,
goosebumps rise.

Passion is wavering in the air,
leaving hearts on the floor
and a lump in your throat,
you cry but one tear
from the wave of emotion.
You feel it moves and grows for you;
so you moan in passion from the feel of it,
as it moves in your gut
in a scream of rising heat.
It rose and then it settled and sat on the tip of your tong
as it kissed your passions
and gave all for the need for it.
You feel its pull so strongly because this is passion.

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I release you

Bleed for me my blackened rose,
as you welt in my thoughts,
and under my breath;
as I release you from my vision,
and my frozen heart.

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A heart at peace

A heart at peace

“Is a heart that shines even after the lights go out.”

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A darker view

My thoughts bleed black
like oil, a black cat.

Down a dark ally I go,
into the night I seep.

Hands reaching out to creep.

He is my friend,
the night air.

As I crawl back into my mind.

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Don’t pick on them

Don’t pick on the smaller kid
he might grow to be the tallest player.
Don’t pick on the nerd
he might grow up to be your Doctor.
Don’t pick on the teacher’s pet
he might grow up to be your teacher.
Don’t pick on the gamer
he might be the one to invent your favorite games.
Don’t pick on the creative minds
they might build your jobs one day.
Think about this all the smartest, tallest, and most creative people
they once had bullies telling them they will never make it.
But look at them now!

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The monster in my swamp cooler

What’s that on my cooler?
A green monster has taken my cool air
may be it has taken it to feed its family
where they eat up all my cool air.
Oh my its grimy and slimy dripping down the vent
what could it be?
A green monster as taken over the outside of my swamp cooler
eating what it can taking all my cool air.
Oh no! its turning black
an ugly thing it is stealing all my cool air.
My poor swamp cooler it has no more cool air.

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My star

Soft, dark and dreamy
far beyond a nightmare or dream.
I saw a wish come true
a star fell and I found you.
It was a wit and wild animal dancing in my dreams for you.

How could this be?
I did not with this for me
a star fell for you and not for my greedy needs.

But yet a wish did come true
like a beast it coated my dreams eat all I knew
and took my star, and it was you.

You fell so far and from where
a dream, a wish, a nightmare?
I wish because you fell for me
a star who will never die
for I will give you my glow
an ever lasting shimmer.

I wished upon a star
a dream so far away it became a nightmare
an unyielding wish one that will never die,
and never fall for you.
My star!

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Social networking buttons


These are free to use.

More coming soon…

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The Rain Man

A man on top a cloudy mountain with lightning all around him. “Rain for me!” he yells as his voice echoed over the mountain tops. He steamed and puffed along and within an hour he had rain pouring and gushing out of the mountain top. Then snow fell softy on his head. He cursed himself ”Crap I made it too cold.”

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Forbidden words
kiss’ sweet
skin of apples red
blushing brides
pink orchards of ripened pickings
maiden sits in gown of white
groom is waiting in his suit of honor
words are vows spoken strongly
binding two as one
a bride and groom
jumps over the broom
they leave not as two but one

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Sweet tooth for Mandy

Mandy ate her candy
with whip cream that’s dandy
Vincent ate his veggies
with sour cream and onions that’s  fine
Buy Mandy had a tooth ache
and Vincent want out to play
the dentist was called
the drills were to blame
teeth cried out in horrible pain
Mandy came out with nothing to complain
because Vincent came over to play

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Fall is coming

the waters slip
down in to the valleys they drip
down the rocky slop
into the grove below
green and lush pink and red as rust
rivers bobble and flow
down the mountain they go
burp, slurp, swish, gurgle, and blow
water falls down below
green and lush pink and red as rust
flowers grow on green banks a glow
of yellow spruce, and pine cone
Fall is falling down below
mountains are calling
leaves are falling
moist and wet
Fall is coming

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Blooming poetry

Poetry blooms like a rose,
stings like the bee,
is sweet like honey;
and flows like a river on to my paper with ink from my thoughts.

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The Angel of life played cards with the Angel of death

who wins?
It’s a draw of a breath!

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Personality 101 GIF

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Words that should be in the dictionary

Words that should be in the dictionary.

  • Judgementlist – A mentalist of a judgement person
  • Postery – Half poetry and half prose
  • Momental – a moment of a mental fart
  • Conboaner – a con artist who gets off from coning
  • Policon – A politician in office who cons us out of our money
  • Germapoof – When germs disappear
  • Friendenemy – A friend who betrays your trust
  • Booanator  – a planed fright fest
  • Boostery – A bra that’s to tight
  • Artpoemitic – A artist and poet in one

I thought this was funny that I even thought about doing this post.

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Dystonia Awareness ribbons

I have a rare movement disorder called Dystonia.
Will you help put awareness out about this rare disorder?
By sporting one of these ribbons on your blog or website.

Dystonia is a rare movement disorder,
causing odd movements and twisting of the body.


Dystonia Awareness ribbon

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A hearts design

It tells you its your destiny
a hearts design
keeping with the stitches
a blueprint
a plan
a well bordered design
the heart knows what we dear not say
we blush to know how perfected it is
True love?
I can’t say

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Passion rise…

Roses with kiss’ sweet
love haiku’s rolling off my lips

Sweet passions rise
against a darkened room
lights flicker

The lovers silhouette
rising on the moon
kiss’ sweet
passions sweat
rising on the waves of aw!

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