Guy issues

Hello there,

I felt I needed to vent abet about my guy issues

  1. I can never pick a man who is not emotionally challenged
  2. I pick men who have more issues than I do
  3. I pick men who are not mentally stable
  4. I pick men who are selfish and can’t see that they are
  5. I pick men who can’t communicate in a healthy way
  6. I don’t live near any man who is mentally stable or who likes the same things as I do
  7.  Most men I’ve dated are either mentally ill, or has a disability

Why do I do this to myself? I know I’m pretty,smart,and nice I also know I’m worthy of a men who is stable in life and relationships.

Honesty is my best policy!

I have not meet one man who couldn’t share his true feelings with without showing discomfort. I don’t know where people get that it’s not okay for a guy to show his emotions when we are human we all have emotions. What I have learned from growing up with a brother is this.

This is just my experience when it comes to guys I do know not every guy is like this, but it’s hard for me to find one.

  1. Men take more time in the bathroom than a woman can
  2. Men think their stronger than women [when we have children can they?]
  3. Men want to be a girls night in shinning armor when we just want the guy to be by our side and fight next to us
  4. Men are very needy when it comes to sex or intimacy [all a girl wants is to be held without being groped]
  5. Men don’t always lesson even when you tell them over and over your not comfortable or that somethings not going to workout
  6. Men take a mile when you give an inch, they don’t want to learn how to fish they want you to fish for them.

The fish concept

You can give a men a fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for a life time.

What would you take? One fish or catch them yourself and get unlimited fish?

I have enough to deal with in my life I don’t need an unstable guy to mess it up. I’ve gone through a big journey in my life to get to the point I am today. Brains surgery, getting better from my mental illness, getting a cat [Sassy Pooh], moving into my own place, and much more… I’m not sure on how to go about finding the right guy but I guess being patient is my key for now.

About Amanda D Shelton

Welcome Bat Brat's. I am the author of this page. I write poetry, I also create digital art. I am disabled I suffer from high functioning autism, cellular nerve damage, Dystonia, and Muscle dystrophy. My writing is a reflection of my thoughts and experiences. I blog because I love writing. I write because it's the way I learned how to express myself. I have difficulty relating to people. Poetry makes it possible for me to learn how to communicate. I have been told I am exhausting to speak to because I have a lot to say. My IQ is above 200. I was diagnosed at the age of 33 with high functioning autism and Autistic Savant Syndrome. I make friends very easily because I don't have boundaries and I am not shy. I am very honest and welcoming. I love people and animals. I always look forward to writing in my blog Gothic Realms | Dark Visions In The Night. I hope to see you there. Feel free to leave a comment and like my posts. Until we meet again I will be waiting eagerly and patiently.
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