Universal Laws [dhammaniyaama]

1. Physical Laws [utuniyaama] are natural laws which cover the manifestation of all non-living things, such as, the occurrence of thunder and lightning. The arising and falling away of this world even follow these natural laws. Western Buddhist textbooks tend to say that the Ancient Indians had no idea what caused the patterns in Nature but Buddhism attributed these patterns to physical laws.

2. Biological Laws [biijaniyaama] are natural laws which are particular to animate objects like plants or animals. These natural laws dictate that when we plant a rice seed it grows into a rice plant. The offspring an elephant gives birth to must be a baby elephant. Buddhism attributes this predictability to biological laws.

3. Psychological Laws [cittaniyaama] are natural laws which deal with the mechanisms of how the mind works. Buddhism believes that people are made up of two main parts: namely body and mind. The mind is composed of the system which allows us to work, change and act in a way which is individual to each person. Buddhism attributes such dynamics to psychological laws.

4. Karmic Laws [kammaniyaama]: are laws concerning how karma gives its effects. Karma refers to intentional actions. The virtue of the intention behind the act divides karma into two types: good karma and bad karma. Good karma is reciprocated with positive fruits. Bad karma is reciprocated with negative retribution. This type of law is also referred to as the Law of Karma.

5. Universal Laws [dhammaniyaama]: are natural laws that deal with cause and effect where they concern the mental and physical phenomena. This law has the broadest definition and is an umbrella for all the four types of laws already mentioned.

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Welcome Bat Brat's. I am the author of this page. I write poetry, I also create digital art. I am disabled I suffer from high functioning autism, cellular nerve damage, Dystonia, and Muscle dystrophy. My writing is a reflection of my thoughts and experiences. I blog because I love writing. I write because it's the way I learned how to express myself. I have difficulty relating to people. Poetry makes it possible for me to learn how to communicate. I have been told I am exhausting to speak to because I have a lot to say. My IQ is above 200. I was diagnosed at the age of 33 with high functioning autism and Autistic Savant Syndrome. I make friends very easily because I don't have boundaries and I am not shy. I am very honest and welcoming. I love people and animals. I always look forward to writing in my blog Gothic Realms | Dark Visions In The Night. I hope to see you there. Feel free to leave a comment and like my posts. Until we meet again I will be waiting eagerly and patiently.
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