Bulling Why!

Who can say they have met a bully in their life time?

I know for share no one but the bullies themselves can say they haven’t met one, or they meet one and followed them. If only they looked in the mirror.

P.S These are just my opinions you don’t have to take it in as your own.

Why do bullies bully?

Well more likely the reason is they have a need to hurt others to feel good about themselves, or they grew up with parents who never asked what they did at school today.

In my opinion,

Bullies learn such by example. Most parents don’t relies just asking how their kid is doing would be a big deal for the kid. Or getting to gather as a family and talking about what they all did or plan to do with friends and such. More like make time to check in on each other as a family should.


Also kids breaking the rules, parents make rules for a reason they need to teach their children this. Set an example by showing them you care by not letting them get away with breaking the rules. In my book spanking is okay but only if it’s done the proper way. A belt is not a spanking tool, a hand yes but don’t leave a mark its to warn the kid not scar hem or her. My mom use to make a loud noise with her hand to make me think it hurt, but it didn’t. Some kids don’t learn anything unless spanking comes in. But before you try spanking, try grounding them first it might work better.

Remember you were a kid once too how did you feel when someone came up to you and said you were ugly or stupid?

I think we need to teach our children how loving and caring towards each other is the away the to go. We make more friends that way and fewer enemies. Plus do you want others to remember you as a beautiful and caring person and someone welling to help in the future, or a toad of a person so ugly they want to run away and not help in the future. O-o*

What if you get in trouble and need help later in life? I’d rather be loving and caring now and have friends to help me later.

About Amanda D Shelton

Welcome Bat Brat's. I am the author of this page. I write poetry, I also create digital art. I am disabled I suffer from high functioning autism, cellular nerve damage, Dystonia, and Muscle dystrophy. My writing is a reflection of my thoughts and experiences. I blog because I love writing. I write because it's the way I learned how to express myself. I have difficulty relating to people. Poetry makes it possible for me to learn how to communicate. I have been told I am exhausting to speak to because I have a lot to say. My IQ is above 200. I was diagnosed at the age of 33 with high functioning autism and Autistic Savant Syndrome. I make friends very easily because I don't have boundaries and I am not shy. I am very honest and welcoming. I love people and animals. I always look forward to writing in my blog Gothic Realms | Dark Visions In The Night. I hope to see you there. Feel free to leave a comment and like my posts. Until we meet again I will be waiting eagerly and patiently.
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4 Responses to Bulling Why!

  1. Oh thanks I don’t even try. I’m just good at voicing my opinions.


  2. True…you make some excellent points.


  3. Thanks hun and you are right in my opinion too. I think if parents just got of their lazy boys and realize their kid is the future of our world and not a one way ticket to crazy town then bulling would be likely not to happen. Pus how hard is it to show them love if more when they do wrong by punishing them for doing wrong? I didn’t learn nothing when I was kid because my mom and dad showed me right from wrong. But I can only judge them based on my own experiences so I don’t know if I should judge them or not. o_O*
    I’m not good at judging others because I wouldn’t want them judging me why would they feel any different than I.


  4. In my opinion, bullies bully because their parents are old school republicans or democrats, who live thee American dream and corrupt this society and peak at the weak ones who won’t defend themselves. Bullies have low-self-esteem, they are nothing but cock-roaches who shouldn’t even breath this planet called: Earth. Bullies make me want to vomit because of their disgust.

    Interesting question on the bullies.



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