My star

Soft, dark and dreamy
far beyond a nightmare or dream.
I saw a wish come true
a star fell and I found you.
It was a wit and wild animal dancing in my dreams for you.

How could this be?
I did not with this for me
a star fell for you and not for my greedy needs.

But yet a wish did come true
like a beast it coated my dreams eat all I knew
and took my star, and it was you.

You fell so far and from where
a dream, a wish, a nightmare?
I wish because you fell for me
a star who will never die
for I will give you my glow
an ever lasting shimmer.

I wished upon a star
a dream so far away it became a nightmare
an unyielding wish one that will never die,
and never fall for you.
My star!

About Amanda Shelton

I write, and I do digital art. My life is never too boring, I think too much for my life to be nothing but interesting. I always put myself into my writing, so if you want to know how I think then just read my poetry, and short stories. Also I am brutally honest, and I love everyone unconditionally. No one is a stranger to me, I will treat you like I treat everyone else, like family.
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