Life began with sound

A thought shimmer’s in the dark
like the sun it lives on for millions of years
Leaving its residue along the way
radiating its static and glow
A thought is where everything begins
a sound
a vibe
a voice within
life began within the Angels mouths
with a click of their tongs and a god like sound
Life began and thought became concussions
the universe began to shiver and shake
a big
Gods lit up the sky’s
popping stars and planets formed
gas’s combined becoming round
rocks clash as the titans roar
Life is at its tipping point as breath pours out from its blackness
giving life to the ever-growing web

About Amanda Shelton

I write, and I do digital art. My life is never too boring, I think too much for my life to be nothing but interesting. I always put myself into my writing, so if you want to know how I think then just read my poetry, and short stories. Also I am brutally honest, and I love everyone unconditionally. No one is a stranger to me, I will treat you like I treat everyone else, like family.
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