I am your fighter

I’m breaking in
I’m breaking out
let me bleed for
and give my breath
I raise my head
bow to no one but myself
waking my mind
my systems go down over load
I fight
I bleed
I sweat my rust
I stand above and lead the way
you follow with open minds
knowing there is a fighter
waiting to bleed and fight for you
I am such
a warrior with shield and sword in hand
I’m your guiding light
your knight in shining armor
I will be your armor your protector
a navigator when your lost
Follow my light it will be a lighthouse a beacon on your ocean
keep to the waves
they know more then you’d like to admit
I am the biggest wave caring you to your destination

About Amanda Shelton

I write, and I do digital art. My life is never too boring, I think too much for my life to be nothing but interesting. I always put myself into my writing, so if you want to know how I think then just read my poetry, and short stories. Also I am brutally honest, and I love everyone unconditionally. No one is a stranger to me, I will treat you like I treat everyone else, like family.
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