I thought this was funny. [WordPress.com you make me giggle]

A good laugh needed!

What the heck is ham doing on my blog? I’m a vegetarian.

Spam: What is spam? 

It’s the left over meat most people don’t know their eating.  But most people know; it’s the unwanted commercial comments on their blogs.

Ham: what is ham?

It’s what we call its counterpart, legitimate pig or comments. On the Akismet mistakes side, missed spam? It’s that left over stuff  is pretty self-explanatory, and a false positive? is a legitimate meat product that gives most Americans heart disease or a comment incorrectly identified as spam or that leftover meat you don’t know you are eating (which, we hope, happens very rarely, or never ever happen’s at all).  Also, we meant no offense to vegetarians.


By the way I am a vegetarian, and veggies are funny.

OMG I think I may scratch my brain on this one. May be this is why kids are afraid of their vegetables.

Personality 101 o_O*

About Amanda Shelton

I write, and I do digital art. My life is never too boring, I think too much for my life to be nothing but interesting. I always put myself into my writing, so if you want to know how I think then just read my poetry, and short stories. Also I am brutally honest, and I love everyone unconditionally. No one is a stranger to me, I will treat you like I treat everyone else, like family.
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